Below are links to venues that provide good twin baby and toddler classes in the West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Queens Park and NW area.  To get more specific details on what to do and where to go with your kids you can use the very effective app ‘Hoop’ which will direct you to your nearest classes.

Mini Mozart Classes

Baby Mozart provides fun musical introductions for babies and toddlers across all of central and North West London.  The feedback from twin mums is excellent.  Click on the above image or button below to get more details on where and when classes take place.

Huggle Swiss Cottage classes

The Huggle store in Swiss Cottage hosts a variety of baby and toddler classes every day of the week.  Click on the image or the button below to see what classes are on offer.

St Ann's Brondesbury classes

St Ann’s Brondesbury church on Salusbury road offers baby and toddler classes every day of the week including Baby Mozart and baby sign language.  Click the image or button below for details of the classes.  Please note that classes may vary from time to time.

3 House club

3 House club in St Johns Wood offers a vast array of baby and toddler classes on a class pass or monthly membership basis.  A trial class can also be booked.  3 House club also organises excellent birthday parties.  Only thing to bear in mind is that you will need to climb stairs with your twins to access the class so best to use a weego or similar!


JW3 on Finchley road, NW3 offers a large number of activities for babies, toddlers and kids.  From baby yoga to children’s shows, you will find something you like there! JW3 is open to all faiths.

Twin classes Gracelands Yard logo

The Yard have a wonderful array of classes and events designed to inspire and instill confidence and creativity in babies, toddlers and children, to inspire them and to keep their minds and bodies active, whilst making new friends, learning new skills, trying new activities and having a great time!

twin classes gymboree play & Music

Newborn babies through to children up to age 5 can enjoy a wide range of classes at Gymboree Play & Music Hampstead.  50% discount for 2nd baby.  I attended Gymboree classes up to age 6 months with my twins in the US and they loved it (especially the parachute song!)

Play & Learn Classes (Level 1 – Level 6)
BABY PLAY for non-mobile babies from new born (Level 1). It introduces your baby to the world of play at our cosy BABY PLAY class.
Play & Learn Classes 6 months – 4 yrs (Level 2 – 6). You can watch as your little one progress and work all the way up to Level 7.