• Location: Astrid's house, Loudoun road, St Johns Wood Cost: £25 per adult Time: 11am-1pm (includes lunch) Min of 5 attendees required to run All babies welcome!

    Your babies are growing fast and the next milestone is … solid foods! If you are wondering when to start, what first foods are best for baby and how to cook them, then join Pilar Manzanaro, a registered Nutritional Therapist, and the PurpleCarrot team for a workshop on how to make weaning an enjoyable experience for you and a nutritious one for your little one!

    Topics include the following (but we always welcome questions):

    • What foods to introduce at each stage of weaning?
    • When is the right time to start?
    • Which nutrients does my baby need for growth and development and what foods contain them?
    • What are the best cooking methods for my baby?
    • What foods to blend together?
    • Baby-Led weaning
    • Menu Planning Ideas

    The talk will be followed up by some Q&A time and a cooking demonstration including several tasty and nutritious weaning recipes. We will serve a hearty home-made soup for lunch based on some of the recipes we’ll be making for your little ones.

    Babies are welcome so please feel free to bring yours along so they can taste the food too.

     We will provide a goodie bag with baby products.  Cost £25 per person

  • Baby massage and yoga 6 week courses help you to communicate with your baby through the power of touch, teaching both you and baby all about each other, to complement the massage we finish the course with Baby yoga a series or gentle stretches to help babies stretch relax and unwind. Max 10 mummies. Age range of babies 6 weeks - Crawling  
  • A little info on Hartbeeps (baby Bells) Web FaceBook: Awakening baby's senses Our lovely, gentle class, which focuses on bonding and confidence. We use elements of baby yoga, baby massage and calming techniques to guide little ones through our magical, imaginary Baby Land and help them to truly experience our soundtrack of remixed nursery rhymes and lullabies. They'll meet friendly puppet characters, be introduced to age-appropriate props and discover sparkly parachutes - all designed to delight those freshly acquired senses and help babies to uncurl and release trapped energy. Max 12 mummies. Age range 6 weeks - sitting for baby bells.  Babies move to baby beeps when they can sit up A mix of baby bells and baby beeps will take place in this trial class)
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    JINGLE JAM MUSIC - 3 months to 18 months (some slightly older toddlers are fine!) Music classes and parties with a Jazz Flavour! …for babies and under 5s. At Jingle Jam Music we use songs, sounds and stories in our classes whilst your little ones benefit from a variety of live musical stimulation. Combine Ella Fitzgerald with your favourite nursery classic and be prepared to have as much fun as the little ones. "What a band! They'll elevate your children's party into a festival of coolness and art. There will still be sick everywhere and tantrums but the quality of jazz will distract you." - Russell Brand Led by Emily Dankworth (MMus, BA),  and Professional Jazz Musicians, your child will have real experiences with instruments, and musicians playing LIVE music.
  • A monthly twin meet up (3rd Thursday of every month) takes place at the Lady Chapel of St James' church in West Hampstead from 10.30 to 12.  Meet other twin parents, share your stories and ask for advice.  Please bring a mat / blanket for your twins (if they are non-walkers).   A guest visitor with special expertise will attend if available.  The £4 fee per session (per family) is to cover the cost of the room hire.
  • For babies & toddlers up to 2 years old (or a little older) Since 1993, Monkey Music has been at the forefront of pre-school music education.  Join us to make lifelong friends and to introduce your baby or toddler to a lifetime of music
  • The monthly twin meet up takes place on every 3rd Thursday of the month.  Due to the cancellation notice for the room hire going up to 2 weeks I need to charge the costs more in advance to ensure I do not run a loss.  I have also increased the meet up time to 1.5 hours so that it's less rushed and need to therefore charge £4 per meet up.  December meet up is replaced with Christmas party on 3rd December. Meet up dates: 16 November, 18 January, 15 February