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//Club Picks – Twin Helpers & Support Resources
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Mary Ashton

Maternity Nurse, Multiple Birth Specialist and Newborn Consultant

Helping families’ settle into life at home. Providing advice on setting up your nursery and what equipment you will need before delivery.

Once baby has arrived advice on sleeping, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, expressing and storing breast milk, umbilical cord care, getting out and about, establishing a gentle routine, making sure Mum is recovering well from delivery (natural or C-section). Explaining what is normal for a newborn baby and support through the night if needed

I provide a calm, confident and non-intrusive service to help you to achieve your ideal for your family.  You can contact me on and my contact number is 07912 249091.  Visit my website here

Be Ready to Parent

With Dr Ella Rachamim, paediatrician and parent of 3 (including twins). I offer:

  • Twin preparation workshops for those expecting multiples

The course aims to be supportive, informative and realistic. It is a private workshop and lasts 3 and a half hours at a convenient time and can be in your home or mine. Topics include: equipment, birthing options and recovery, special care and intensive care for babies, feeding options, troubleshooting and practical approaches, routines and sleep, getting out, navigating NHS services, options for help and support at home and much more. It is £150 per couple inclusive of a full resource pack to take home.


Tel: 07977939721

Visit my website for more information here