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We are a London based label designed by myself, Rona Hollows for boys and girls ages one to five.  In a world that is overloaded with complicated design and busy prints XOKiddo has a strong theme of simplicity.

The collection consists of beautiful, unisex, quality basics that are contemporary yet timeless and super practical. These basics are complemented with seasonal pieces that are more akin to the experimental and quirky characteristics of Dutch design.

Only the best organic fabrics available are used to ensure everyday comfort and durability.  We hope your little one enjoys wearing the garments as much as we love making them!

Check out the latest designs: https://www.xokiddo.co.uk/

Magus Education

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We are a bespoke, premium educational consultancy offering a range of services from workshops to individual consultations and placement.  Our team has a unique track record of helping parents map out and implement a successful educational strategy for their children in both the state and the independent sectors.  Our advice is based on the individual circumstances and aspirations of each client and rooted in a wealth of up-to-date information gleaned in our weekly visits to schools and interviews with their leadership teams.

We at Magus act as your personal, independent knowledge broker to help you find the right fit between your values, the talents and abilities of your child, and the school profiles on offer.  We work with private individuals and corporate clients located anywhere in the world.  Check out our website: Magus Education

Altiplano Finance

Free pre-consultation – quote NW London twins

Local father, Derek Shiels, offers financial planning in a range of areas including:

  • Insurance, Mortgages, Pensions, Investments

Please feel free to contact him under derek@altiplano.finance or on 0800 999 9000 for a complimentary pre-consultation. You can also visit his website on http://altiplano.finance

2 sweets bakery

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2 Sweets Bakery is based in St Johns Wood and run by a local mum of two. We offer rustic, homemade goodness in every bite. Our cakes, cookies and muffins are family favourites, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We ALWAYS use organic eggs, milk, butter and flour, and we NEVER use preservatives

Your items are always made to order and we offer free delivery to NW8.

Check out the latest goodies here!

Craft and crumb

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Set up by two busy mothers, Craft & Crumb has taken the hard work out of baking delicious birthday cakes for your children….and if you’re going to be making 2 cakes you need it to be as easy as possible!

Our kits contain pre-measured top quality ingredients that you would use at home (no nasties) resulting in a truly delicious homemade tasting cake….simply add the fresh ingredients (eggs and butter).   Each kit comes with a step by step guide and even disposable pans to save on washing up!   No wonder we won a Junior Design Award in 2017!

See our full range online www.craftandcrumb.com

Primal Bakers

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The Paleo Diet – also known as the Caveman Diet – is based on the food our ancient ancestors would have eaten, such as meat, nuts and berries, and excludes food types that had not yet been discovered, such as sugar, wheat and dairy.

Primal Bakers has created four distinct ranges of delicious baked goods that are faithful to the principles of the Paleo Diet – cookies, cakes, crackers and bread. All are delicious, nutritious, and – above all – healthy!  Particularly suited for breastfeeding mums who want to reduce their sugar intake or for kids and babies!

See our full range online Primalbakers

Bake with Maria

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My name is Maria and I’m a trained Pastry Chef and Baker. I run baking classes in West Hampstead and Hampstead for anyone who wants to learn or improve their baking skills.

 I offer 3 hour classes for small groups on bread, cakes or pastries including macarons and eclairs! All of the classes are hands-on and intimate so you will get plenty of assistance and guidance with your baking. All my classes are updated regularly on my website: www.bakewithmaria.com.

 In addition to my scheduled classes, I offer tailored private classes, hen parties and corporate baking events.

 Get in touch to book your first class: maria@bakewithmaria.com or check out my website: Bake with Maria

The Maqam Centre

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The Maqam centre is a recently opened family club that offers classes for adults, children and babies.  Classes include Yoga and Pilates as well as post natal exercise and baby classes.  The large pool is heated to 31.6 degrees and the water is treated with UV and reduced chorine which makes it ideal for babies.  There are many swimming lessons on offer with Swimming Nature.  Everyone can do a free trial including swimming.  If you’d like to do swimming lesson with twins and do not have a helper, Swimming nature will be happy to assist you with one to one lessons that you can split by doing one baby at a time.

Subject to availabilities. T&C applies.  This offer is for the Maqam Centre only and valid until 31 March 2018

Use the code NWTWINS when you book online here