Gift ideas for twins – Black Friday Deals!

Gift ideas for twins Every year around this time of the year I start to panick about what to buy for Christmas for my twin girls.  Since they seem to already possess every toy under the sun I try to find gifts that are a little different, personal, useful or just cute rather than [...]

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Infertility and recurrent miscarriages, a long journey to Twins

INFERTILITY AND RECURRENT MISCARRIAGES, HOW IT ALL STARTED In my 20’ and early 30s I didn’t actually want any children. The sudden loss of my father when I was 11 had made me somewhat fatalistic and I was simply too scared that history would repeat itself. I did not want any child of [...]

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Twins with reflux, a challenge one never forgets

Twins with Reflux, how it all started.... When our twin girls were born at 32 weeks and whisked to intensive care the only thing on my mind was 'please let them be ok'.  They did have some breathing and feeding issues but finally came home after 5 weeks in intensive care.  Those 5 [...]

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